Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Astatine - Global Exposure [Sound In Silence 069]

Released via the Greek Ambient-staple Sound In Silence on November 1st, 2k19 is "Global Exposure", the latest longplay piece created by French producer Stephane Recrosio under his artistic moniker that is Astatine. And whilst the album opener "Snow Loop #1", a blurry, crackly excursion into classic Ambient realms, still sticks true to the labels general aesthetic outlook carved out over the past years the follow up "Rotary Combine" takes a full turn and opens up the Sound In Silence sound towards powerful, yet inward looking PostRock and lo-fi Instrumental Shoegaze. This introduction of real life instruments and also raw, distorted and slighty Folk-infused Indie songs - yes, vocals! - like in "Decipher The Fall" seems to mark a massive cesura and new development for the imprint, a step further towards a broader audience which, in turn, might start to dig more Ambient'ish structures as well as quite a few of the twenty cuts on this approx. 46 minutes long body of work are at home in the experimental electronic music realm still. This combination and steady interplay makes "Global Exposure" one of the most beautiful and touching albums released via Sound In Silence and, for those in the know, evokes memories of the legendary Augsburg-based band Deep. in their early years. And yes, we're talking about 1996 - 2001 here. Highly recommended, this, although the limited run of 150 copies might be sold out pretty quick for a reason.


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