Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Claudio F. Baroni - The Body Imitates The Landscape [Unsounds 064]

Released on January 15th, 2k20 via the Amsterdam-based Unsounds imprint is "The Body Imitates The Landscape", an album piece created by experimental music composer Claudio F. Baroni in conjunction with Ensemble Maze, based on and around music for an interactive sound installation of the same name by Adi Hollander. And even though it is, for most of the times and including this album, impossible to bring out the full experience of an installation piece without the physical experience of actually being on location in an album recording seperated from its irl visual / sensual counterpart, in this specific case the physical experience of sound channeled through objects within the installation, we see Claudio F. Baroni and Ensemble Maze create an intimate, stripped down and somewhat touching (headphone) listening experience with sparse, spatial arrangements of natural instruments and tenderly used electronics, all built around pre-recorded, predominantly whispering voices, with an individual speakers voice assigned to each of the eleven single tracks on the album which, despite being individual compositions on their own, melt and amalgamate into one big piece, slowly and consistently communicating with ones subconscious rather than one's conscious mind and thoughts, implementing a deeply felt calmness and focus in the listener and therefore might be, although not solely composed as, referred to as Deep Ritual Music to open up a new drawer within the world of electronic and experimental music.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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