Monday, January 13, 2020

Steve Hauschildt - Nonlin [Ghostly International 346]

Put on the circuit via Ghostly International on October 25th, 2k19 is "Nonlin", the most recent album effort created by Chicago-based composer / artist / musician Steve Hauschildt. Created mostly on tour in numerous studios around the world the total of nine tracks spanning roughly 43 minutes sees Hausschildt indulge in a friendly, curious, playful and slightly blurred world of Ambient sounds, creating an array of slowly cascading, oftentimes poly-layered synth melodies in various stages of (partial) crystallinity, touched by nebulous, cloudy atmospheres and regularly bordering on IDM  and Electronica despite not being driven by classic beat structures but more of an inherent rhythm signature whilst also providing beautifully intimate moments in tunes like "Attractor B", hovering calmness of timeless quality in "The Nature Remaining" as well as even Glitch / Breakcore-related soundscapes as to be found in the surprisingly busy and well uplifting title cut "Nonlin" just to pick a few of our favorites here. Proper good.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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