Monday, January 27, 2020

Sign Libra - Sea To Sea [RVNG Intl. 060 Promo]

Scheduled for release via RVNG Intl. on February 14th, 2k20 is "Sea To Sea", the new album outing by Latvian composer Agata Melnikova employing her artistic alias Sign Libra. Dedicating each of the ten songs to one of the areas referred to as 'seas' on the moon's surface and conceptually contemplating about the meaning of those so-called seas on various layers musically we see Melnikova exploring a sonic realm clearly infused with and informed by hovering, blurred 80s Synths and the diffusely modernistic neon glow of Vaporwave, oftentimes weaving in harmonic non-vocalisms and freely imagined motifs sporting a slightly cliche Asiatic character at times like in "Sea Of Waves" whereas "Sea Of Serenity" presents more of a light-hearted, captivating Future Grime approach and therefore is our favorite cut on the entire album by far. Furthermore Sign Libra echants 4/4 focused dancefloors with mystical entanglements found in the "Sea Of Vapours" whilst the "Sea Of Cleverness" takes the Ethereal Future R'n'B genre to a level beyond the next level just to single out a few cuts from "Sea To Sea" for an in-depth view. Proper good.


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