Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Jan Willem Troost & Henry Vega - Ninevolt [Arteksounds 006 Promo]

Released only recently via the Arteksounds imprint is "Ninevolt", a six track collaboration album created by Jan Willem Troost and Henry Vega in which the two musicians aim to amalgamate and glue their instruments of choice - the cello employed by Troost and electronic composition embraced by Vega. Opening with "The Asexual Kingdoms" we see the two artists, accompanied by vocal contributions by both Els Mondelears and Stephanie Pan, embark on a journey into the unknown of a new (Neo)Classical / Contemporary Classical music based on carefully arranged electronic textures and repetetive violin motifs slightly varied whereas the subsequent "Nine Volt Motion" provides a slightly more playful take on computational electronic sounds and siren emulations in conjunction with plucked strings before "Speculative Renaissance 1: Simple Beast" brings forth a lively interplay of crystalline synth tones and dramatic, expressive violin work. The subsequent "Speculative Renaissance 2: The Violence Of Looks" presents even more drama in conjunction with what can be described as crackling Electronica derived from a root of Clicks'n'Cuts , in "On Slowness" the digital crackle continues alongside echoes of inward looking Classical Chamber Music whilst "Victoria Viktoria", taken from the opera 'Secretly', finally introduces more of a dark'ish, brooding variation of the duos work which brings on - obviously informed by the scenic context of a stage play - an interesting take on sonic storytelling and score creation which will be enjoyed by score enthusiasts and followers of (Neo)Classical music alike for a reason.


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