Sunday, January 19, 2020

Martina Bertoni - All The Ghosts Are Gone [Falk Records Promo]

What happens when a classically trained cello player forces herself to step outside her very own comfort zone during a dark period of her life? What are the results of approaching the instrument differently, probably from an angle that an electronic music composer would use? Questions like these are answered through Martina Bertoni's "All Ghosts Are Gone", the latest cassette tape release on the Icelandic label Falk Records which was put on the circuit on January 8th, 2k20. Throughout the eight tracks and approximately 37 minutes runtime of the album we don't see the Berlin-based artists abandoning her instrument for good, instead the yearning, obviously sad and melancholia-infused cello playing remains occasionally present over the course of the whole album to a certain extent, adding organic textures to a coherent sonic realm consisting of sparse Ambient and DarkAmbient structures, minimalist atmospheric movements and a decent foundation of stripped down beats somewhat in between Electronica, ChillOut and IDM, in certain tracks like "Stuck Out Of Lifetime" even evoking memories of the slightly storytelling, score'esque approach employed by genre greats like The Future Sound Of London throughout the early- and mid-90s whilst "Impossible Routines" provides a stripped down, spine-tingling and highly captivating main motif for advanced Ambient dancefloors - which should be a good reason for any lover of electronic music to check out this single track on its own and / or give the full album release a shot and discover even more greatness in cuts like the touching, yet minimalistic Dark Ambient / Desert Ambient piece that is "Invisible Cracks" which is another favorite of ours on this longplay piece.


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