Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Jan Wagner - Kapitel [Quiet Love Records 009 Promo]

Scheduled for release via Quiet Love Records on March 20th, 2k20 is "Kapitel", Jan Wagner's forthcoming sophomore album which, once again, is following the artists specific and deliberate approach to strip and remove any kind of context from his music to a point that even the track titles are seemingly randomly numbered instead of following a stringent sequence to create a basis for a possible musical storyline. This said, the eight compositions on the 29 minutes spanning outing are somewhat innately decontextualizing in terms of creating a huge, comforting, time dissolving cloud of Ambient nothingness, with wide rivers built of ultraharmonic pads, partly sprinkled with soft, sometimes romantic piano melodies or even kinda dramatic chord repetitions atop of distinct, yet rhythmically calming Electronica / ChillOut structures whilst occasional PostFolk- or Indietronica-leaning guitars are evoking memories of endless undisturbed meadows and hazy shades of late summer afternoons under a cotton candy sky of light pink colour, covering the world and all feelings with a blanket through which even the slightly disturbing Spoken Word sequences of the fourth track sound like an all embracing lullaby of heartwarming friendliness and pure empathy. Can one die from an overdose of comfort?  


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