Sunday, February 23, 2020

Aniyo Kore - 432 [Sweepland Records]

Scheduled for release via Sweepland Records on March 6th, 2k20 is "432", the latest vinyl outing by Dortmund's finest Aniyo Kore who've been ever evolving on their musical journey from TripHop to DesertBlues / PostRock references since their first album "Pieces Of Conversation" which they've put on the circuit back in 2k12. Now back for 2k20 with what the duo describes as '... 10 love songs for the universe...', following their true faith in 432Hz recording for a better world whilst employing an interesting, surely melancholia driven wall-of-sound production approach in the hefty, thundering opener that is "Muscle Memory" whereas the subsequent "New Seed" is somewhat harking back to the bands early, Portishead'esque aesthetics despite being less TripHop-leaning, obviously. "Magnets" comes at listeners with a smokey late night vibe and a well-balanced sense for drama, "Unslaved" transfers the bands sound into a slightly more innocent, sunset Folk-influenced context before "Hype" once again weighs in sweet memories of vintage dusted TripHop fused with yearning vocals and, ofc, raw PostRock-oriented guitar riffing.  On the flipside we see "Stay" provide score'esque qualities for a forthcoming movie by either the Cohen Brothers or the master that is Quentin Tarantino himself, "Plain" gets deep into stripped down melancholic late night vibes and therefore might be our favorite cut on "432" before "Overload" introduces even more floating LeftfieldPop minimalism atop what might be the most electronic foundation found on this album beatwise, "In Your Light" combines beautifully desolate guitars and echoes of echoes of influences of UK Bass / Global Beats and the concluding "Encore" brings forth a sweet, beauteous moment of contemplation for a closing. Defo a next evolutionary step for Aniyo Kore. Go check!


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