Friday, February 07, 2020

Xotox - UFO [Infacted Recordings Promo]

Shortly after signing a deal with his new label Infacted Recordings we see Andreas Davids a.k.a. Xotox coming at us with a brand new single - "UFO". Featuring the original version plus a whole bunch of six additional remixes plus the bonus instrumental of "Wir Haben Die Wirklichkeit Zerstört" the German EBM / Industrial / HardTechno producer is catering to his fans big time, delivering a highly compressed, dystopian take on stomping, mechanical Industrial Techno as intense and threatening as being surrounded by barrage fire on a modern battlefield - and even fuses this already overwhelming sonic experience with recorded snippets from the twilight zone of UFO conspiracy documentaries to even intensify the feel of sheer brutality and unfiltered, soul-piercing angst. Using and abusing this as a foundation for their own interpretation we see remixers like ES23, Wesenberg, MS Gentur, Probe, Pete Crane and Laermpegel take "UFO" into a whole range of different directions from muscular, Rave-focused ElectroTechno - yes, think the likes of Empirion here... - merged with uplifting CyberTrance / CyberGoth elements to hard hitting, distorted, distortion-ridden and ultracompressed Broken IndustrialTechno as well as storming, Trance-infused bigroom madness and even stripped down, masterly crafted Drum'n'Bass pressure whereas the additional bonus cut presents a return to Xotox's trademark musical ultraviolence and pure vantablack darkness. Check.

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