Thursday, January 30, 2020

worriedaboutsatan - Crystalline [Sound In Silence 070]

Released earlier this month via the Greece-based imprint Sound In Silence is "Crystalline", the latest album outing by Leeds / UK resident Gavin Miller a.k.a. worriedaboutsatan. Active under this moniker since 2005, the former member of Postrock-outfit Johnny Pointdexter offers a new selection of eight tracks on this roughly 35 minute spanning album - partly alongside and accompanied by vocalist Sophie Green - which, starting from hissing Ambient Noise pulses in the intro of the opening track "Open The Door" evolves into calm, somewhat autumnal Post-PostRock / PopAmbient within the same tune, presents bass music informed ChillOut / Electronica for advanced dancefloors in the subsequent and surely anthemic "Step Inside", emphasizes on the beauteous interplay of guitar chords and echoes alongside heavenly non-vocalisms in "Cali" before fusing slighty twangy PostFolk guitars with precise Electronic Dub abstractions as well as Post Dubstep-infused bassline action in "Mirrors". Furthermore the title track "Crystalline" unexpectedly speeds up things for a crystalline ride on warm bass movements, more advanced bass music references and polychrome synths, "Streetlights On Empty Roads" reveal more uplifting low end power alongside dreamy, fuzzed out guitar motifs created for introvert dancers only, "Secretly" even weighs in echoes of echoes of Dark Wave and Goth vibewise whilst staying true to the PostRock universe this longplayer lives in whereas the concluding cut aptly named "Switching Off" waves goodbye in an ethereal, beatless and slightly haunting Ambient manner. Excellent. Get.


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