Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Trapper Keaper - Meets Tim Berne & Aurora Nealand [Ears & Eyes Records / Caligola Records]

Going back to April 2k19 with this review for the latest album outing created by New Orleans-based duo Trapper Keaper, consisting of Italian drummer Marcello Benetti and American keyboard player William Thompson IV who chose to team with Tim Berne and Aurora Nealand for this longpay piece which are both adding their take on the alto sax as an instrument to the groups sonic mix. Opening with an eruptive primevil "Boom" the gang of four is paving the way for things to come over the course of roughly 45 minutes - an untamed and raw tour de force of multilayered polyrhythmic percussions and oftentimes dark'ish, well eerie electronic textures, garnished with sax interventions bordering on FreeJazz and Improv whilst cuts like "Unidentified Flying Objection" offer a tender, somewhat romantic yet off kilter musical approach only to build up towards a climax of more chaotic, freeform structures, "Flame Among Ashes" offers an ever meandering take on electronically informed (Future)Jazz whilst the "Leaky Faucet" brings forth a somewhat tongue-in-cheek late night vibe just to name a few. Defo one explore if you're into the free floating experimental side of the Jazz spectrum


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