Thursday, March 26, 2020

Rebecca Foon - Waxing Moon [Constellation Records Promo]

Put on the circuit via the renowned Constellation Records imprint is "Waxing Moon", the first solo album by Rebecca Foon of Saltland, Esmerine and Silver Mt. Zion fame under her real name, a move possibly connected to her very personal engagement in climate activism which also seems to reflect in song titles like "Ocean Song", "This Is Our Lives" or "New World". With these and other titles like "Vessels", "Dreams To Be Born" or "Wide Open Eyes" pointing somewhat towards a more esoteric, healing and spiritual realm it's not a big of a surprise that Rebecca Foon's compositions are usually driven by big, dramatic and harmony-focused piano arrangements accompanied by large scale, panoramic electronic pads, drones and atmospheres of cinematic quality, truly living up to each and every cliche associated with this kind of  'conscious music' / 'spiritually aware music' to roughly carve out a niche for this specific kind of Ambient Pop / Leftfield Pop with a tender, romantic and sometimes over the top kitsch-coated note. This, though, to the highest standard in terms of production and arrangement so that the overall listening experience is a well pleasant one with the DreamPop meets Indie-hybrid "Wide Open Eyes" being surprisingly dancefloor friendly in a hazy, intimate, late night club context and possibly prone to become a minor underground hit in the exact context mentioned. Defo an interesting one to check out if you're not feeling totally adverse to sugary layers you're inevitably face in Rebecca Foon's music.

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