Saturday, March 28, 2020

Christine Abdelnour / Magda Mayas - The Setting Sun Is Beautiful Because Of All It Makes Us Lose [Sofa Music]

Released via the Norwegian Sofa Music imprint on January 31st, 2k20 is "The Setting Sun Is Beautiful Because Of All It Makes Us Lose" which is the very first album created by the duo comprised of Christine Abdelnour and Magda Mayas for the label, a 35-minutes one-track piece as epicly long as the albums title itself. Live recorded at Oslo's Ultima Festival 2018 the longplayers sole track "Thousand And One" sees the two musicians exploring a sonic realm based on the interaction of piano and alto saxophone on and beyond the brink of their actual intended use. Rattling mechanics, plucked strings, the oftentimes soundless flow of air, scraping sounds of various origins are to be found alongside fragile melodies and somewhat off-kilter single notes, brooding tonal shifts and sudden movements, complex naturalistic sequences with a somewhat exotic feel, high frequency squealings of varying intensity as well an immanent sense of minimalism, bringing forth an ever changing, ever evolving journey for the advanced lover of musical experimentalism and contemporary Improv sound. 

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