Friday, March 13, 2020

Korinthians - Chaos Control [KOR 003]

Coming in via mail from Belgium these days without any additional information is "Chaos Control", seemingly and according to Discogs the debut album by the band project going by the name of Korinthians. Catering an overall menu of ten songs including nine original compositions as well as a cover / homage to Joy Division's "A Means To An End" the album provides an interesting intersection of high energy Indie vibes and Wave- / SynthPop- / PostPunk-, sometimes even Industrial- and FuturePop-leaning aesthetics, covering a certain range of darkness and desolate melancholia accompanied by uplifting choruses and a surely dancefloor functional, high octane foundation which, for some weird reason, evokes memories of the long defunct Hamburg-based former IndieElectro / ElectroPunk sensation Juri Gagarin. This association alone speaks of a bigger potential there, even though the final mixdown of many tunes is way too midrange- and high frequency-heavy with a hefty lack of low end and oftentimes simply quite a mess which makes a headphone listening session through the total playtime of roughly 46 minutes not the most pleasant experience ever. But this aside, an overhaul including professional mixdown and mastering as well as a fully restructured and cleared stereo field could turn many of this songs into proper timeless dancefloor classics as both melodies and vocals in tunes like "You And Islands", "I Pray So You Believe" or the massive banger that is "Icarus Airlines" are catchy as hell whilst songs like "Wave" are somewhat reminiscent of lost classics like Baard's "Savior For The Nations" in employing Spoken Word narrations alongside bombastic melodies in SynthPop. We do see a bright future here. And room for sonic improvement.


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