Sunday, March 08, 2020

Patrick Graham & John Sellekaers - Unnatural [Parentheses Records 012]

Sometimes projects take a while to come to fruition and to be finally released and this is the case with with "Unnatural", the collaboration album of percussionist Patrick Graham and electronic music composer John Sellekaers which is based on the 2007-born idea to create a series of remixes for Graham's solo drum improvisations to put them into a new, maybe unexpected context. Shelved for more than a decade due to several reasons and circumstances the results of this initial proposal are now to be released via Parentheses Records on March 24th, 2k20 as an eight track album which covers a stylistical bandwith from eerie, desolate and post-apocalyptic Cold Ambient in the opener "Unnatural, Pt. 1" to ultraminimalist artificial imitations of percussive Field Recordings captured in places where demonic evil lurks as heard in "Lacuna", Clicks'n'Cuts-resembling Isolationist Ambient in "Next Of Kin" or even contemplative, slightly ritualistic minimal drum sequences to be found in "Innerland" as well as in "Unnatural, Pt. 2" with all sounds and atmospheres created on the sole base of acoustic percussion recordings only. Quite an impressive conceptual effort, this. Check.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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