Monday, March 16, 2020

Werner Dafeldecker - Parallel Darks [Room 40 Promo]

Coming in a with a new album for the Australian experimental music imprint Room40 is Werner Dafeldecker whose latest outing named "Parallel Darks" has been released on March 13th, 2k20. This time solely focusing on an electro-acoustic approach to production and composition we see the album split in two parts, "Parallel Darks I" and "Parallel Darks II", with each covering the timespan of one side of a vinyl album. In "Parallel Darks I" Werner Dafeldecker is combining a deep, harmonic atmospheric background structure with an array of various crackles, Field Recordings and unidentified surface noises, clanging metallic non-rhythms and swampy synth modulations to create a cold, abstract and slightly tense field of UnAmbient for those who can take a little more unease in these trouble times before drifting off into realms of droning Ambient minimalism whilst "Parallel Darks II" presents an even darker, more intense feel of Industrial Ambient from a dystopian future, featuring an array of ever morphing sci-fi sounds and ever shifting, evolving soundscapes.


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