Thursday, April 23, 2020

Clarice Jensen - The Experience Of Repetition As Death [130701 / Fat Cat Records]

Released on April 3rd, 2k20 is Clarice Jensen's "The Experience Of Repetition As Death" - the second ever album for the Brooklyn based artist and her first offering on Fat Cat Records offspring 130701. Coming from a background of (Neo)Classical composition and electronic music productions we see Jensen building her tunes, a total of five rolled out over the course of 43 minutes on this longplayer, from a foundation of loops, oftentimes even physical tape loops, to create a solemn, elegic sonic realm meandering in between brooding DarkAmbient in tunes like "Metastable" - our personal favorite, not only due its somewhat maritime, slow moving, melancholia inducing feel evoking memories of artists like Kallabris, Tarkatak or even Christoph De Babalon in his darkest, most inward looking moments even though this one presents a dim silver lining visible at a far off horizon - and more score'esque, dramatic and (Neo)Classical leaning pieces like the epic "Holy Mother" which is another highly recommended and truly parochial composition on this sophomore longplay release. Check.


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