Monday, April 20, 2020

Endless Melancholy - A Perception Of Everything [Sound In Silence 072]

Coming in from Athens / Greece and the ever active Sound In Silence-imprint is "A Perception Of Everything", the latest  album outing by Kiew / Ukraine-based producer Oleksiy Sakevych a.k.a. Endless Melancholy. With his - according to the press info sheet - seventh full on studio album since the project launched in 2011 the Ukrainian artist caters a menu of nine tracks rolled out over the course of 40 minutes, presenting a 2k20 blueprint for what could be referred to as Crystal Ambient in the future with his stunning combination of blurred, washed out crackles and super soft harmonic pads in combination with simplistic, yet most beautiful, crystalline synth and piano motifs piercing through the sonic mist, hovering atop their musical background like the first ray of sunlight breaking through a wall of early morning clouds. 100%  recommended. 100% beautiful.


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