Friday, April 17, 2020

Veiila - The Nation Of One [Wormhole World]

Put on the circuit as a limited edition CD edition via British imprint Wormhole World is "The Nation Of One", the first full on album outing by St. Petersburg / Russia-based electronic band project Veiila. Coming on strong with nine tracks rolled out over a playtime of 48 minutes the journey starts with "Dust", a tense, piano-led amalgamation of Dark Ambient textures and dramatic arrangements meandering in between Electronica and partly intense GothPop-references whereas the subsequent "Trust" is leaning  more towards Downbeat, Indietronica and Leftfield Lounge Pop - with both tracks, as well as the rest of the album, fused by innocent, yet emotional female vocals. The next shot, "Shadows", caters well surprising, and obviously Burial-influenced, echoes of blurred out PostGarage in combination with 4/4 driven Romantic House, "Re:Dive" embraces a little generic Balearic Sunset Pop before "Voice" is harking back to long gone, melancholic Lounge Pop days whilst introducing a heavy low end, obviously drawing influences form echoes of echoes of Dubstep movementwise before the "Reflection" is back on a UK Garage swing and therefore our favorite cut on the album, not only for being a sugar-coated dancefloor favorite as well. With "Battle" Veiila are bringing forth uplifting, cascading synths and captivating bass pulses for dreamy late night moments on advanced UK Bass dancefloors, "Exorcism" touches base with thrilling SpacePop based on a stumbling, masterly crafted Broken House meets Romantic House foundation before the concluding - and aptly named - "Farewell" - waves goodbye on a dreamy, slightly kitsch-driven 4/4 tip. Intredasting.

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