Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Dr. NoiseM - The Shit Paper Crisis [Dr. Noisem Tapes]

What happens when an unknown virus hits the planet? People start to freak out and buy toilet paper in bulk. Obviously. We all could've seen this coming. Dealing with this situation long standing underground Noize artist Dr. Noisem developed his own survival strategy in terms of releasing a new, limited to 15 copies worldwide CD-r album that comes with an emergency bog roll and a well disgusting black-brown smear on the CD-r itself. Using the bog roll will make you lose the tracklist though but in a case of emergency you might rather want to shit than to memorize the titles of the doctors 'shit music' - a term he once claimed for himself and his anti-art a.k.a. non-music. Starting off with a short, seemingly reprocessed snippet taken and recorded from an American cable news outlet we're immediately drawn into a 43 minutes long journey featuring heavy distortion orgies turning into brutalist Noize and Digital HarshNoize partly accompanied by deadly Industrial rhythm signatures, fragmented Breakcore and full on Anarchcore alongside additional cut up snippets from - ...scripted? - reality TV shows and other sources of daily madness resulting in hit tunes like "We Have So Many Shit Paper" or the modular tongue-in-cheek BleepNoize anthem "Klopapier" just to pick two of our favorites from this highly recommended album. File under: One from the deepest depths of the diy underground. Pure punk for the headstrong.

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