Monday, April 06, 2020

Zea + Oscar Jan Hoogland - Summing [Makkum Records / Platenbakerij / Klanggalerie]

Released as a conjunctional effort between the three labels Makkum Records, Platenbakerij and Klanggalerie on March 6th, 2k20 is "Summing", the new collaborational album created by Dutch artists Oscar Jan Hoogland and Zea - a musical tour de force defined by nine brand new pieces catered over the course of roughly 31 minutes playtime. With the hypnotic opener "They Often Believe" paving the way for things to come with a well hypnotic and captivating DesertRock vs. PostPunk vs. Guitar Improv vibe things progress on a more intense, still hypnotically repetetive level with the alarming title piece "Summing" featuring heavy feedbacks and raw percussions paired with ear piercing electronic signals before "You're Dead" weighs in influences of PostRock and somewhat oriental PostPunk-vibes evoking memories of memories of projects like C Cat Trance for those in the know. The subsequent "We Lost Our Phone" pays homage to noisy lo-fi UK Punk on a Dada tip whereas "The Little Man Upon The Stair" lives his life well agitated and on a high energy level for highly advanced underground dancefloors whilst "Pniek" finally introduces the rooster featured on the album cover only to drift off into full on mechanical piano improv seconds later. Furthermore the groups "Atomic Heart" is surprisingly fueled by Freak Folk / Leftfield Folk and a trip in its own right, "I Never Threw A Stone" follows on an intimate and folksy Singer-Songwriter tip, introducing lyrics way out there whereas the concluding song "Trip The Light Fantastic" finally caters vintage'esque piano Blues etudes for a closing. A killer release for those loving the leftfield and obscure paths of certainly 100% non-mainstream underground music.

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