Sunday, April 12, 2020

John Chantler & Johannes Lund - Andersabo [Johs & John 001]

Released as the very first album issued via the new label Johs & John and therefore the imprints 001 is "Andersabo", the latest longplayer created by long time friends and collaborators John Chantler and Johannes Lund. The roughly 36 minutes spanning three track album opens with "Back Of The House", a noisy maelstrom of madness fusing radical, nervous and surely hyperactive sax improvisations with droning, apocalyptic modular pulses of klaxon'esque low end qualities which are followed by "Open Field & Forest" and its calm, yet intense angle on brooding UnAmbient, Dark Ambient and Deep Listening Music which defo is our favorite cut on "Andersabo". Finally, the concluding "Under Barn Floor" weighs in a slowly but continuously moving harmonic bass drone accompanied by background organ chords and possibly field recorded crackles resembling dry branches moving deep in the woods or burning up in an open fireplace for a closing. Check. 

Album artwork on Instagram!


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