Thursday, May 28, 2020

Samuel Rohrer / Max Loderbauer / Tobias Freund / Stian Westerhus - Kave [Arjunamusic]

Coming in from the Arjunamusic imprint without any further additional information is "Kave", the new album effort created by a quadruplet of musicians and solo artists in their own right comprised of Samuel Rohrer, Max Loderbauer, Tobias Freund and Stian Westerhus. Together, the four artists cater a nine track and 40 minutes spanning menu of an album, described on the the back cover as 'instantly composed' which basically boils down to an on the spot improv session that turned out right. This said, the music of Kave can be described as somewhat Ambient leaning, yet hazy, misty, cold and mysterious, an Electronica-infused twilight zone of non-relaxation, evoking a steady alertness in a state of being half-awake, yet frozen in a state of being unable to move, resulting in tense, icy and crystalline DreamPop cuts like "Hibernation I", fascinating Ambient Jazz / Future Kraut morphings in "Destination... North" - a piece somewhat reminiscent of Bugge Wesseltoft's "New Conceptions Of Jazz" -, giant amorphous and hostile sonic masses from an unprecedented future found in "Toxic Boy" or even moanful, dramatic Post-SynthPop in the modern opera resembling "Divided We Fall" whereas most beauteous and soothing Piano-led Electronica is defining a "Walk In The Woods", retrofuturist progressive SpaceJazz brings us a "Giant Peach" whilst the concluding "Hermit" lives in a giant universe of slightly spiralling Synth / (Neo)Cosmic sounds which are harking back to the era of early electronic composers like Klaus Schulze and the likes of. Defo a well recommended addition to every record collection, this is.


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