Saturday, May 23, 2020

Sascha Müller [Supersix Records Extra 097]

Soon to be released via Supersix Records is another new and untitled album by Uelsen's busiest producer Sascha Müller who's presenting his now 97th - ! - longplay piece on this label alone. Opening with and setting off a "Chain Reaction" we see the German artist on a dry, raw and functional ToolTechno tip for a start before "Chamber 2" takes psychedelia-infused DubTechno to its upper speed limit and "Chamber 3" dives deep into the vaults of dark lo-fi underground Acid modulations for all real the Techno headz out there. The subsequent cut named "Mondphase" fuses positive, floating Trance vibes with that very special feel once evoked by tunes like CJ Bolland's "Camargue" in the mid-90s, "NoB_A 13" brings forth more of a technoid, psychedelic, yet not less fascinating nor futuristic take on Trance for those in the know whereas "Ragnamöji 2" explores an astoundingly raw, bleepy and tongue-in-cheek TechnoJazz vs. Phonk alley and "Redemption" weighs in a super massive UK Breakbeat meets Hardcore variation for all the real ravers out there and is our most favorite cut on this album by far. Furthermore "Turtle Power" harks back to hollow, subaquatic, Detroit-infused Techno minimalism, "Untitled 2" counterattacks with most brutal, compressed and monotonous Hardcore Techno for illegal warehouse raves and "Track 03" immerses the listener in the finest, most beautiful maelstrom of NoizeDub until ears start to bleed for a reason. With "A3" Sascha Müller returns to hypnotic subaquatic minimalism in Techno once again, "Drop Briggs" provides a straightforward killer groove in fast paced, hyperfunctional ClubTechno and the concluding cut "Exoplanet" waves goodbye on a friendly, complex, plinkering and playfully stripped down Ambient / ChillOut tip with jam-like characteristics for a closing. Good stuff, again.


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