Sunday, May 24, 2020

Jeff Morris - Hearing Voices [Ravello Records]

Incoming directly from College Station, TX / USA only recently was "Hearing Voices", the May 8th, 2k20 released album by American artist and music writer Jeff Morris who is, according to the accompanying press promo sheet, dabbling with a combination of 'space age and primeval' in this seven track longplay piece. Once again released via Ravello Records and realized in collaboration with contributing artists Elisabeth Blair, Susanna Hood, Rodney Waschka II and Joseph Butch Rovan Jeff Morris caters one of the most unique and fascinating albums these days, with the polylayered, somewhat vintage'esque vocals of the opener "In The Middle Of The Room" immediately drawing and pulling the listener into an absurd, twisted, psychedelic dream world of sorts, a dark dada-influenced journey into the most intense states of madness, built on vocal utterings and non-vocalisms accompanied by demonic digital sound manipulations and truly outerworldly sweeps, atmospheres and unexpected warpings, a hellish vortex and infantile horror for the strong minded and explorers of the unsettling outer rims of performance art and music. Nearly unfathomable and surely unprecedented as a full length album format and therefore highly recommended. Get.


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