Sunday, May 17, 2020

Markus Floats - Third Album [Constellation Records 152 Promo]

Straight outta Montreal / Canada comes the "Third Album" by local multidisciplinary artist Markus Floats, a new six track long play effort released via the praised Constellation Records imprint on May 1st, 2k20. Drawing inspiration from experiences in a wide variety of genres including Jazz, PostPunk and Electroacoustics alongside others we see Markus Floats diving deep into a realm of lush and dreamy Ambient drones atop a sparse, hypnotic rhythmic foundation built on friendly, slow bass pulses and finger snaps moving within the stereo field on "Forward", a combination evoking memories of dramatic, dense Easy Listening music from another planet whereas "And" presents a busier, spiralling and cascading approach towards large scale Synth composition and "Forward Again" leads the way into a better, peaceful future with beauteous melodies working their way up towards a surprising climax. Furthermore "Always" is clearly harking back to the neon lit retrofuturism of the 80s (... and the decades library music as well), "Moving" weighs in 139 seconds of pure Ambient beauty before "Forward Always" caters a friendly, playful take on Braindance music for highly advanced Electronica-savvy dancefloors for a closing. Sweet.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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