Saturday, May 16, 2020

Anastasios Savvapoulos / Azure - Ebbs And Flows [Aut Records 058]

Released via the ever active Aut Records imprint on March 12th, 2k20 is "Ebbs And Flows", the new album by the freshly founded quartet Azure which is led by Anastasios Savvapoulos who is joined by fellow musicians Peter Ehwald, Antonis Anissegos and Ludwig Wandinger in his musical adventures. Somewhat inspired by Kandinsky's thoughts on form, expression and necessity the quartet offers a menu of nine compositions on this longplayer, stretched out over a total of roughly 51 minutes and presenting a take on Jazz surely influenced by a classical, complex yet structured approach to the genre which makes tunes like the fascinatingly thrilling "Ebbs And Flow Part II", the deep grooves of remnants "Remnants" as well as the tender, crystalline piano lines in "Reflections" highly relatable for an audience not necessarily familiar with the technicality, dissonance and hypercomplexity oftentimes found in genres like Improv or FreeJazz and therefore might be functioning as a perfect gateway into the world of advanced Jazz for beginners and a highly appreciated journey into intricate melodic mastership for long time genre connaisseurs.

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