Wednesday, May 06, 2020

Talking Book - Talking Book II [Koolarrow Records Promo]

Put on the circuit via Koolarrow Records on April 24th, 2k20 is "Talking Book II", the second incarnation of the music created by Talking Book, the duo originally formed by sound artist Jared Blum and Faith No More bass player Bill Gould which has now evolved into a trio with Dominic Cramp as new additional member. Nine years after the groups first appearance the follow up album, already announced on these pages through "Termal Drift" earlier this year, caters a total of fourteen new tracks spread out over the course of roughly 42 minutes with the beautifully off-kilter, dramatic and emotional Piano Ambient opener "Blood Aurora" paving the way for more cinematic goodness to come like in the darker, yet even more dramatic, tense and cinematic "The Land Upright" which reveals some elements of distorted, Phonk-driven Electronica somewhat reminiscent of labels like Anodyne or work produced by Marco Passarani on Hymen roughly two decades ago whereas "Zastava" is leaning towards classic, score'esque and well-melancholic DarkAmbient greatness, "The Last Time She Died" employs a naturalistic, slightly Nordic / Scandinavian instrumental Folk feel to be highly appreciated by followers of the Hubro Music label whilst "The Came At Dawn" gravitates towards (Neo)Cosmic mixed with elements of Industrial and large scale sci-fi score works just to pick a few favorites here. Recommended. Get.


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