Tuesday, June 09, 2020

Erlend Apneseth - Fragmentarium [Hubro Music]

Another more recent release on the Norwegian Hubro Music imprint is "Fragmentarium", the new seven track album by composer / artist Erlend Apneseth who's appeared on the label numerous times over the course of the last few years. Opening with the dramatic, undeniably nordic and string / fiddle driven "Gangar" Erlend Apneseth paves the way for a journey to come, followed by the more intimate, tender, inward looking and melancholia-infused "Du Fallende Jord" whereas the title track "Fragmentarium" enters a multilayered, dreamlike, yet somewhat disturbing and psychedelic state with its amalgamation of Field Recordings, fiddles and even nordic dance rhythms of a rural, age old and folk'ish nature of course. Based on this foundation the ride continues with the formal dance resembling "Gruvene", "No, Etterpa" is a small, beautiful and acoustic interlude from a distant past, "Det Mørknar" weighs in an well interesting take on warped Ambient meets Future Jazz meets (Neo)Cosmic Psychedelia and therefore is our favorite piece on this album and the final cut "Omkved." sonically resembles ancient tales told over and over again, from generation to generation, since the beginning of time.

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