Saturday, June 06, 2020

Kasma - Nuke Vol. 08 [Nuke The Planet]

Out on the circuit since May 25, 2k20 is Kasma's "Nuke Vol. 08", the next sonic warhead launched by the Hardcore / Breakcore experimentalism endorsing imprint that is Nuke The Planet. Clocking in at roughly eleven minutes total runtime Kasma surely is in to unleash sonic hell with this one, weighing in a proper maelstrom of eardrum quenching, braincell wrecking feedback Noize for the headstrong, clearing dancefloors and venues within seconds with its ever grinding attitude and putting soundsystems to a test with a truly relentless variation of vantablack Rhythm Industrial. If you can take listening to a Merzbow album right after waking up, you'll be in for this.


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