Sunday, June 07, 2020

Andrew Tuttle - Alexandra [Someone Good 022 Promo]

Released via the Room 40 sister imprint Someone Good on May 15th, 2k20 is "Alexandra", the latest musical outing created by Australian electronic music artist / composer Andrew Tuttle who's in for a nine tracks and 34 minutes spanning journey with this one. Opening with the soft and tender Ambient meets naturalistic PostFolk fusion piece "Sun At 5 In 4161" Mr. Tuttle paves the way for things to come, a beautiful amalgamation of harmonic electronic pads and textures with mostly acoustic, sometimes twangy guitar and banjo improvisations of quite innocent and somewhat Easy Listening-leaning nature, partly paired with Field Recordings of birds to create even more of a sonic bubble as a resemblance of an early summer / late spring day out in the untouched, undisturbed countryside.


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