Monday, June 29, 2020

Greg Fox - Contact [RVNG Intl. Promo]

Put out on the circuit via RVNG Intl. on May 29th, 2k20 is Greg Fox's "Contact" album which, once again, was realized by the NYC-based drummer in collaboration with producer Randall Dunn. Opening with "Vedana" the eight tracks and roughly 44 minutes spanning journey starts on a captivating, reverberating and well-metallic Drum Funk vibe taking us straight into a ritualistic space ruled by Future Tribal sounds followed by intense, complex drum rolls and a certain, thundering Metal (Not Metal) / Doom (Not Doom) feel imminent in the subsequent "Arising And Passing". With "Contact (Sukha & Somanassa)" Greg Fox provides a fever'ish level of somewhat Jazz-infused intensity whereas "Parasthesia" caters a surprisingly melodic, yet slightly twisted and off kilter, rootsy hot summer evening feel for a change before "Contact (Dukkha & Domanassa)" picks up on that large scale Drum Jazz vibe of its actual predecessor again. Furthermore the artists definition of "Ill Being" indulges in seductive, well cinematic arrangements and an all embracing amalgamation of Score works, PostRock and smokey, highly complex Bar Jazz / Future Jazz from a way more advanced parallel universe, "From The Cessation Of What" weighs in a cold and somewhat outerworldy, haunted vision of stripped down drum variations meeting spatial, swampy electronics of probably modular origin before taking an unexpected turn after a little more than 3 minutes whilst the concluding "Contact (Upekkhä)" once again fuses Future Tribal and percussive Phonk to a great effect. Unique, thrilling and therefore recommended.


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