Saturday, June 20, 2020

Hilde - Hilde [Umland Records 033]

Fresh on Essen's ever active Umland Records imprint is "Hilde", the self-titled debut album by the all female quartet named - well... - Hilde which is comprised of Julia Brüssel, Marie Daniels, Maria Trautmann and Emily Wittbrodt. Based on a foundation of violin, voice, trombone and cello the four musicians cater an overall menu of 16 tracks spanning a total of 55 minutes with the opening piece "Rise" magically meandering in between playful mystique, Contemporary Classical and improv which is making way for the intimate, yet somewhat horrifying, unsettling and nightmarish vocal piece follow up "Stand Up" whereas "Fiction" somehow harks back to the era of large scale dramatic Broadway Pop, "Bartröckchen" evokes memoires of Nordic Folk tales and formal dances of yore, "1922" provides obvious resemblances to (Neo)Classical chamber music whilst "Kis Kece Lanyom" would perfectly accompany a medieval period movie piece scorewise just to pick a few favorites here. Best described as: Explorative and widely varied.

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