Tuesday, June 16, 2020

The Quilz / Xposed 4Heads [Internal Combustion 0003]

Coming in straight from Milwaukee these days is the latest 33rpm 7" split EP released on Internal Combustion, a joint venture double feature in which both band outfits The Quilz and Xposed 4Heads are having a go at each others songs remixwise... and to a great effect. Opening with The Quilz' beautiful and dreamy SynthPop tune "Are You Still Out Tonight" we're drawn into nightly, neon-lit territories with acts like Kavinsky or Chromatics living right around the corner before the remix version crafted by Xposed 4Headz instantaneously doubles the tempo for a well hounded, super fast paced midnight ride on empty highways. On the flip we see Xposed 4Heads hovering off into the "Ultra Cloud" with their trademark, slightly Devo'esque musical approach which is accompanied by killer Miami Cosmic synths and sweet, over the top solos this time as well as pointy, tongue-in-cheek social - or better: cloud - criticism whilst The Quilz on rework duties do stick pretty close to the original vibe whilst providing a slightly more electronic NeonWave touch for late night dancefloors. And btw - this one's limited to 100 copies worldwide as well so get yours rather quick!


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