Sunday, June 14, 2020

Lawrence English - Lassitude [Room40 Promo]

Released via the Australian Ambient staple Room40 on May 1st, 2k20 is "Lassitude", the latest album serving by renowned producer Lawrence English who's focusing on the influence of the organ as an instrument to his musical work in two extended compositions. Based on the sound of a special 19th century organ, now housed in a Brisbane museum, built by manufacturer William Anderson the very first piece "Saccade (For Eliane Radigue)" starts out on a beautifully soothing low frequency drone subtly meandering and - psychoacoustically? - exploring the frequency spectrum, employing carefully shifting movements and a steady background foundation of ultra low pulses whilst the subsequent title track "Lassitude" goes for a colder, intense, alarming and defo more sci-fi leaning take on buzzing, ever building up Drone music working its way towards a climax that never actually reveals the tension but somewhat blurs and fades away in misty layers of Ambient music gradually emerging from the tunes background to provide a softer, tranquil note before the 20+ minutes lasting tune comes to an end. Lovely.


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