Friday, June 12, 2020

Sascha Müller - Delicious [La Bomba Recordings 002]

Out on the circuit via the relatively fresh imprint La Bomba Recordings since April 3rd, 2k20 is Sascha Müller's "Delicious" - another digital single crafted by Uelsen's busiest producer. Going in with "Delicious *Original Mix" we see the German artist reminisce of early 90s ClubHouse with a lively bassline synth, swinging claps and repetetive, floating pads alongside various layers of sweet, delightful funkiness whereas the subsequent "Delicious *Midsummer Mix" presents a slightly edgier, defo more muscular approach with its signature bass motif, busy percussions, stompy drums and overall sped up attitude. If you're all in for classic sugarcoated US House of yore, this is for you.


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