Friday, July 17, 2020

Bug - Nunc Finis [Rock Is Hell Promo]

Coming in only recently via the Austrian imprint Rock Is Hell Records is "Nunc Finis", the most recent album outing created by the countries well renowned NoiseRock outfit Bug who've released their first longplayer back in 1998 - more than two decades ago. Catering a menu of nine songs spread out over the course of roughly 38 minutes the 'buam' - Austrian for: boys - do what they do best once again: unleashing a heavy, relentless beast of an album based on heavy blastbeats, a wall-of-sound production approach, overwhelming multi-layered guitars and intense, screaming vocals which will appeal to fans of both Metal and Hardcore in their commanding manner, releasing high octane levels of fierce anger, darkness and paranoia for the most part even if deeper cuts like the "Lost Soul" seem to draw influences from genres like PostPunk and Goth-infused Rock if one thinks both Sisters Of Mercy as well as bands like Altered States here whilst "Amadeus" somewhat incorporates elements of Crossover / NuMetal and Diesel-powerd FreakBlues, "Twin Peaks" brings forth whipping Metal madness and the "Remission Song" is nothing but full on carthasis just to name a few. #Intense.

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