Friday, July 10, 2020

3cloneB - Admira EP [Psychocandies 091]

To be released via the ever busy Psychocandies imprint on July 30th, 2k20 is the "Admira EP", the latest digital two track outing by 3cloneB. Opening with the title track "Admira" we see the artist aiming straight at slightly oldskool-leaning dancefloors with kinda gooey, yet jumping mid-range bassdrums, 808-percussions and a raw, ever repetetive Acid(House) modulation motif paired with tender, most heavenly ProtoTrance-pads as well as a sweet seductive background melody whilst the subsequent "Kreissägeblatt" explores more of an experimental, highly distorted, lo-fi and uberly compressed take on grinding MonoAcid which appeals to die-hard fans only and is more of a sub-par tune compared to what we've heard from 3cloneB over the course of the past years.


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