Sunday, July 12, 2020

Frederic D. Oberland & Irena Z. Tomazin - Arba, Dak Abra [Hallow Ground Promo]

Conceived and created as a soundtrack to accompany Fanny Beguely's installation of the same name Frederic D. Oberland's and Irena Z. Tomazin's "Arba, Dak Abra" has been released via Swiss label Hallow Ground as a standalone album on June 5th, 2k20. Based on a foundation of electric hurdy-gurdy and electronic processing alongside Tomazin's vocal performance the artistic pairing carves out and shapes a five tracks and roughly 44 minutes spanning body of work which opens with the brittle, icey glissandoes of "Grotta" slowly progressing into overwhelming, haunted, multilayered Dark Ambient droning with the subsequent "Amena" going all in for semi-transparent, yearning Cold / Isolationist Ambient minimalism to a great effect. Furthermore mystical "Fumes" leaking from a hellish vortex are leading the way to the voids of the underworld, with Irena Z. Tomazin's non-vocalisms blown over from afar, "Hieromancy" amalgamates Ambient droning with mad screeches, feedbacks and background vocal utterings bordering madness and insanity whilst the final cut dubbed "Hereafter" waves goodbye on a rather mystical, Nordic, naturalistic and somewhat Folk-infused tip.


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