Saturday, July 18, 2020

Chris Watson / Georgia Rodgers - Notes From The Forest Floor / Line Of Parts [SN Variations Promo]

Scheduled for release on July 31st, 2k20 via SN Variations is a double feature vinyl album which combines solo works created by both Chris Watson and Georgia Rodgers as multi-channel installations which are, for this album, boiled down to stereo. Opening with Watson's "Notes From The Forest Floor", an altered version of his original hour long installation piece, we're entering a brittle and icy realm created from Field Recordings captured in Costa Rica's rain forest with various bird and animal calls still present, yet seemingly stripped down and shifted to a narrow high frequency band paired with eerie, spatial sonic shifts moving slowly, yet continuously in the background, evoking associations of tectonic or glacial movements stretched over the course of centuries or millenia before warped and twisted utterings of unknown origin add an extra level of psychoacoustic horror around mid-composition ff.. Furthermore Georgia Rodgers' "Line Of Parts" amalgamates Field Recordings, sine waves and voice originally composed for a surround set up of 48 channels and 66 speakers, weighing in beautiful surface noise, crackles and calmly clanging rhythm signatures, probably caused by raindrops falling on metal sheets of sorts, airplane fly-bys, as well as an ebb-and-flow of slightly varying intensity as Rodgers' carefully examines and emphasizes certain frequency bands and / or pitch ranges before taking a surprise turn towards floating, hyperminimalist and ethereal Ambient around minute 11 out of 23 or so. Beautiful.


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