Sunday, July 26, 2020

Mint Huus - Sport EP [Cheezy Crust Records]

Put on the circuit via the Hamburg-based imprint Cheezy Crust Records as a limited to 20 copies physical cassette tape edition is the "Sport EP", the second appearance by underground artist Mint Huus on the label. Taking DJ-friendly club music into account for a cassette EP release is quite a bold and unheard of move, yet results in a well collectible soon to be sought after item amongst Electro purists as cuts like the opening title track "Sport" provide a timeless, expertly crafted excursion into the sonic realm of the named genre whereas "Uuser" seems to employ a lighter, somewhat TechTrance-infused approach garnished with heavy claps, intricate, entangled synth motifs and tender, most beautiful athmospheric pads before "Ph303" weighs in a deep take on more, even deeper pad business in conjunction with gooey acidic modulations and complex electroid antigrooves. Furthermore "Luftüberlegenheit", the first track on the B-side caters top drawer, slightly dubbed out ClubTechno for floating primetime sessions whereas "Bxbx" takes fast paced Electro / IDM  to an ever cascading, almost Plaid'esque level and therefore is our favorite cut on this sweet little EP release for a reason. Do not miss out on this.


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