Monday, July 27, 2020

Makoto Kawabata & RG Rough - s/t [Bam Balam Records 074 Promo]

Originally planned as an exclusive release for the French edition of this years Record Store Day which, like many others, probably did not happen on June 20th, 2k20 due to the ongoing COVID-19 craze is the self-titled collaboration album created by Acid Mothers Temple leader Makoto Kawabata and multi-instrumentalist RG Rough. Put on the circuit via Bam Balam Records the album is split in two parts, with both the A-side "Running Underwater" as well as the flipside "Washed Up On The Shore"  presenting a tense, brooding and ever droning intro sequence before drifting off into a fever'ish, not surprisingly well psychedelic and partly feedback driven sonic maelstrom characterized by intense percussions, Field Recording sequences and oftentimes repetetive guitar motifs, tender, yet dark vocals and an overall meandering attitude which sees both musicians floating, sometimes randomly, through time, space and whatever lies beyond, approaching a multiple of - unrelated - ideas within each track, deeply elaborating on some whilst just touching base with others to guide, or drag, the listener through a well twisted, sometimes ominous dream state in which the individual subconsciousness is allowed to explore dark and hidden caverns without any real life consequences. As psychedelic as a Psychedelic Rock vs. electronics fusion can get.


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