Sunday, July 05, 2020

Lean Left - Medemer [PNL Records 048]

Put on the circuit via Paal Nilssen-Love's PNL Records as the labels 048 is "Medemer" by Lean Left, a quartet formed by the imprints head honcho alongside Ken Vendermark as well The Ex' band mates Andy Moor and Terrie Ex around early 2007. Once again, like many recent PNL Records releases, recorded live, the 72 minutes spanning concert piece that is "Medemer" provides a full, untamed and unedited experience, starting from a point of experimental, multilayered and partly feedback driven guitar improvisation that could've been dubbed ArtRock if the term didn't describe something else, way way worse, explores intense, shrieking FreeJazz territories along the way, discovers well sexy, swinging grooves for a second only to drive down a sonic lane somewhat evoking memories of highly off kilter Country / apocalyptic Desert Rock minutes later, reveal a playful take on percussive, super detailed, yet tense minimalism turning into a cacophonic crescendo of sorts or even touches base with smokey late night Jazz vibes for a while. Excellent. And probably even a way better live experience than this album can get across. Get.

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