Friday, July 03, 2020

baze.djunkiii Charts 07/2k20

01. Shadow Child - Apollo 1 [Food Music]
So 90s Trance is officially back and Shadow Child caters the very best emulation of this style we've heard since the whole thing went down hill and commercial somewhen around 1996. Here we've got the whole nine yards again - catchy piano melodies, uplifting harmonic arrangements, an over the top kitsch factor and heaploads of positive energy that takes us straight back to the dancefloors of 1994 even though the two tracks on this limited to 200 copies white vinyl  10" pressing are contemporary productions. If this is the beginning of a full on revival we're in for a reason.

02. Boys Noize feat. Rico Nasty - Girl Crush [Boysnoize Records]
What a banger. Teaming up with Riko Nasty the man that is Alex Ridha a.k.a. Boys Noize delivers a well unexpected fusion of slow and brutally compressed, soundwise Hardcore-bordering 4/4 drums, ElectroRave and Future R'n'B / Post Urban autotune vocals for the Trap generation - a highly seductive amalgamation which finally kills crowds with a hefty double speed part towards the end. Plus: this one also has a great effect when played on 45 rpm instead of the intended 33 rpm speed. Excellent.

03. THE D3VI7 - Waschlappen Techno [Sascha Müller Music]
See review for details...

04. Dub Liner [COLDPRESS 001 Whitelabel]
Jungle business is whitelabel business. A perfect take on 1994 Jungle music brought to us with contemporary production values this three track 12" brings, from the perfectly executed HipHop style intros for a proper street and gangster vibe to heavily chopped up, yet ever rolling amen breaks and deep, ethereal floating pads and chords one would've expected on early Metalheadz releases when Drum'n'Bass slowly emerged from the raw and rugged Jungle scene. This one is an instant classic.

05. Isophlux x Libertine [ISOXLIB Whitelabel]
Superb stamped five track whitelabel which takes us back to the positive playful Electro vibe especially prevalent in the late 90s and maybe early 2000s even. Allegedly produced by the likes of Gosub, Z-28 and Diablo Source the cuts on this one mix, match and mingle perfectly with all time classics like Miss Kittin & The Hacker's "1982" or "Frank Sinatra", the legendary "Fit For Heroes" compilation on Riot City, the Motec Registered 7" debut on Intrauterin Recordings and many more great pieces of this era and therefore are an essential addition to every Electro loving DJ's collection. Big.

06. The Quilz / Xposed 4Headz [Internal Combustion 0003]
See review for details...

07. Hajj - Dedicace A Personne [Brothers From Different Mothers]
Illbient makes a fully fledged and long time overdue comeback with this vantablack release on the Brother From Different Mothers imprint. Three tracks of slow, creeping beats mixed up with hyperdark, partly cinematic atmospheres, a heavy and somewhat early, experimental Dubstep resembling low end, an overall brooding feel of danger and psychotic desolation as well as horror-inducing vocals and tender - yes! - pianos in the opening  cut "My Love Is Rotten To The Core". A perfect soundtrack for nightmares, this. And this is why we love this 10" vinyl release.

08. Spooky Bizzle - Haunted Joyride (Version Excursion) [Oil Gang 019]
One riddim, four MC's. Riko Dan, Mez, Nasty Jack and PK are riding Spooky Bizzle's "Haunted Joyride", spitting bars heavy and provide bass music addicts with an exciting, hyperactive fusion somewhat touching base with both Grime and Dancehall, setting floors on fire with 140 beats per minute and a raw, untamed attitude even though the tunes' seductive guitar lick might also appear to certain more mainstream-leaning audiences.

09. Jacques Van Erven - Tunes & Scenery (Hard To Whistle) [Futura Resistenza]
See review for details...

10. 2121 - Vol.6 [2121]
See review for details...


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