Monday, July 20, 2020

Mylan Hoezen - Operating Manual For Floating In Space [Futura Resistenza 005]

Coming in from the offices of Rotterdam-based imprint Futura Resistenza is the labels 005, Mylan Hoezen's "Operating Manual For Floating In Space" - a nine track vinyl album which, according to slightly cryptic descriptive text written by Clementine Slime featured on the album inlay, seems to fuse a somewhat space-infused attitude with what might be some kind of performance art on stage, at least performed once at Roodkapje / Rotterdam in September 2019. Musically, the album lives up to expectations evoked by the description mentioned, yet being more on the performance art side of things than out in space with its ever morphing, calmly flowing synthesizer movements of probably modular origin partly accompanied by non-vocalisms uttered by several performers / actors as well stomping feet and / or clapping hands, all seamlessly sewn together as one ongoing stream of music only interrupted when one is forced to flip the vinyl for a continued listening experience. Someone on Discogs has put this album within the categories 'abstract' as well as 'stage & screen' which defo is a well suitable filing and could enhanced with being Synth, (Neo)Kraut and intense (Neo)Cosmic for all those who love to go deeper in terms of musical classifications. If these genres do ring a bell and you've probably enjoyed albums like Zombie Zombie's "Slow Future" and loads of longplay outings crafted by the likes of Klaus Schulze / Tangerine Dream it's rather likely you will be in for "Operating Manual For Floating In Space" as well.


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