Monday, August 03, 2020

Berangere Maximin - Land Of Waves [Karlrecords 078 Promo]

Put on the circuit via the ever active Karlrecords label on June 26th, 2k20 is Berangere Maximin's "Land Of Waves", the sixth full length album release created by the French composer who, once again, further explores her very personal electroacoustic sonic vision over the course of ten tracks and more than 70 minutes total runtime. Inspired by recordings she did in city parks as well as abandoned spaces all over Europe Berangere Maximin's opening track "Day 41" paves the way for all things to come with a beautiful, peaceful take on ever floating, time-dissolving Ambient with a darker twist, presenting ever morphing, brooding textures and gooey, somewhat  swamp like movements alongside deep tribalistic rhythm signatures evoking memories of ChillOut greats like TV Victor - see especially his 1989-released album "Moondance" which was recently re-issued via Tresor Berlin - whilst the subsequent "Kalimba, Rough" travels to deep and hollow spaces with its minimalist, yet tender approach before "The Broken Shoe" harks back to the days of early electronic music research with its twisted, warped retro-futurist echoes and subaquatic overall feel. The subsequent "A Kind Of Night Ritual" is a take on crackling surface noise and hefty athmospheric tonal shifts surprisingly closed out by a one-off vocal appearance, "Full Jungle" weighs in an offering of various sci-fi leaning technological buzzes resembling the score of an exoterrestrial lab facility whereas "Off The Page" fuses the sounds of a nightly walk with eerie percussive eruptions and well unsettling scrapes and scratches accompanied by a dense, danger heralding atmosphere. Furthermore "L'Echappee" caters nearly 20 minutes of frosty Ambient building up towards multiple climaxing crescendoes as the albums main piece, "Walking Barefoot, Imaginary Quintet" goes back to classic - and classy - 90s Electronica / ChillOut vibes whilst evoking memories of influential acts like Future Sound Of London in their heydays, "Des Tigres Multicolores" presents brittle, cut up ethereal melodies for a change and the final cut "The Thread" comes at us with wooden tones turned and transformed into calm and peaceful water droplets for a closing. Recommended.


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