Sunday, August 09, 2020

[.que] - And Inside [Sound In Silence 074]

Put on the circuit via the Greece-based label Sound In Silence on July 1st, 2k20 is "And Inside", the new album outing created by Japanese artist Nao Kakimoto a.k.a. [.que]. Spanning ten tracks and roughly 34 minutes playtime his second longplayer for the imprint sees Kakimoto diving deep into a twangy fusion of soft and easy electronic textures paired with oftentimes twangy real life instruments, exploring the blurry, dreamlike areas touched by both Ambient and Easy Listening, yet also crossing over into Electronica, RomanticHouse and (Neo)Trance with tunes likes the crystalline and surprisingly dancefloor friendly "Haze" which is defo a new feat for the label and so is the airy, delightful PostRock / Indietronica fusion named "Sepia" whereas the innocent, naturalistic repetitions in "Film" or the tender emotionally floating "Said" perfectly correspond with the well appreciated Sound In Silence label sound.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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