Friday, August 07, 2020

Uz Jsme Doma & Randy - Moravian Meeting [Klanggalerie 328]

Another one released recently by the Austrian label Klanggalerie is "Moravian Meeting" - an album showcasing an exhibition, live show and performance honoring the legacy of the band / art collective The Residents which took place in Olomouc / Czech Republic back in 2010. With the Prague-based Progressive Rock band Uz Jsme Doma joined on stage by original The Residents vocalist Randy for the opening show the roughly hour long concert sees 13 songs performed in a new fashion, taking into account the 30+ years spanning history of Uz Jsme Doma which started out before the iron curtain came down in a time in which Rock music, especially influenced by Western bands like The Residents, Uriah Heep and Pere Ubu, really meant subversion and (political) counter culture, whereas Randy's presence presented a connection to the visionary band honoured and worshipped on this special occasion - a tense and intense combination which results in great moments like the epic interpretation of the golden classic "This Is A Man's Man's Man's World", the dramatic, whirling, high-octane dancefloor filler "Constantinople", an emotionally touching DesertBlues take on "Six More Miles", a hounded, most exciting evalution of the "Santa Dog" whereas the variation of "My Window" presents a captivating take on TexMex / Americana and "Smelly Tongues" drift off into pure post-apocalyptic fever and PunkRock-resembling madness whilst the final song "Teddy" even touches base with echoes of Grunge for a closing just to name a few. A well recommended exercise - not only for fans of The Residents.

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