Monday, September 21, 2020

Afflicted vs. THE D3VI7 - The Sound Of The New Season EP [Afflicted In Techno 001-12]

Put out on the circuit as a highly limited, original hand-manufactured lathe cut 12" via the relatively new label Afflicted In Techno is the so-called "The Sound Of The New Season EP" - a double A-side joint venture crafted and created by Afflicted and THE D3VI7. Whilst Afflicted on the A-side present "Red Heart", an ever floating, yet heavy, muscular and Techno-infused Trance stomper for hypnotic moments in ultra large scale warehouse raves, we see THE D3VI7 coming at us with "The Fallen Angel" which takes us on an even deeper and more uptempo ride into Trance-land and surely brings back epic memories for every original 90s raver with its rolling basslines, ethereal synth figures, heavy rolls, mysterious vocal snippets and beautiful tender, delightful breakdown sequences. Check.


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