Saturday, September 05, 2020

Autoclav1.1 - Nothing Outside [Audiophob 033]

Put out on the circuit via German label Audiophob these days is "Nothing Outside", the latest full on album outing by Tony Young - better known to fans and followers of experimental electronic music under his artistic guise that is Autoclav1.1 which he has employed ever since the release of his 2005 longplay debut "You Are All Mine And More". Now, influenced by the ongoing lockdown and all its side and after effects, going into a reflective state, self-analysis and -exploration the ten tracks journey presented on "Nothing Outside" opens with the beautifully floating piano meets synth Electronica take of "C17h19n3" which might be easily filed under the flag of IDM for a reason whilst the subsequent "Floor To Ceiling" takes this vibe to the dancefloor and puts echoes and influences of contemporary bass music into the mix as a masterly crafted foundation for the tunes cinematic, yet melancholia driven strings and harmonies, once again paired with pianos and ever evolving synth lines. These two tracks are paving the way for the musical narrative to follow which weighs in complex Breakbeat / BigBeat / Chemical Breaks influences in cuts like "Stare" or "Locked Down" whereas "Waving Paw" or the title track "Nothing Outside" are more on the advanced Downbeat side of the spectrum in terms of an overall vibe and production whilst "Hiraeth" is, once again, harking back to a 90s IDM vibe without aiming for a full on vintage feel and "A Bed In Each Window" might even find a well received niche in so-called Romantic House DJ sets being based on a soft pumping 4-2-the-floor foundation. With all cuts connected in their warm, all embracing, partly solemn, surely comforting and emotional harmonic arrangements it is pretty certain that "Nothing Outside" is not an album made for pure home- / headphone listening alone but defo is about to resonate with crowds on highly advanced dance- and chillout floors as well as soon as the current pandemic situation is resolved. Good stuff. Check.


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